Restaurace Šupina a Šupinka

When most of us hear the word Třeboňsko, we picture a picturesque nature full of woods, blossoming meadows and ponds. If you are a foodie and love fish of all different kinds, then you definitely know the two restaurants Šupina and Šupinka. The Müller family has opened Šupina over twenty five years ago and four years later its younger sister Šupinka. The family has passed down the recipes and culinary experiences along with perfect service. “We believe that we still have the ability to feel the surroundings with all senses and without restrictions. This part of the Southern Bohemia and our love for its nature in our hearts reflects in the restaurant. Taste all of Třeboňsko with all of your senses!“ the owners invite you for a taste to their restaurant. 

If you are visiting Třeboňsko for a weekend, definitely stay in the apartments Šupina and Šupinka has. In the morning, you will be welcomed by a royal breakfast - scrambled eggs, sausages, sandwiches with bacon and cheese and if you like sweet breakfast, order the porridge with chocolate and cinnamon or blueberry yoghurt with home-made baked oats. The main ingredient here still is a fish so don’t forget to book a table for dinner and believe us, you will be grateful to have your room nearby after because you will be full. Since the restaurants have the same menu it is up to you whether you would like to eat in the more traditional Šupina or the higher-end and more modern Šupinka. The menu changes often but what stays the same are the famed carp fries. They have been here since the beginning and still follow the traditional recipe and we must say, job well done. If you are not a huge fan of fish soup, we recommend to change your mind and order it anyways. Each time we have it, we love the mild taste. For main course you can sample carp, amure, zander, cat-fish or trout. If you cannot decide which fish to have, order a sample plate of all of them and everyone can sample at the table. For guests who do not like fish there is beef or confit rabbit. 

What can you do there

The Šupina restaurant is opened every day, Šupinka only on a weekend. If you need a private room for a team building or a party, you can reserve one for thirty people. They will adjust the menu to your needs and desires and while they are preparing it you can admire the view of Třeboň chateau park and the Svět pond. 

  • Credit cards are accepted
  • Reservations are highly recommended
  • You can stay right next door


  • Winner of the 2017 Restaurant category Winner of the 2017 Restaurant category
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