Šupina a Šupinka

Třeboň has a countryside of blossoming meadows, forests and ponds full of fish. And also two family run restaurants Šupina and Šupinka. Already second generation of the Miller family – Peter and Paul strive for every guest to have a gourmet experience.

First was Šupina restaurant that was established in 1993 and Šupinka was started in 1997. Both restaurants offer the same cuisine – fresh fish specialties like zander, pike, catfish, eel, amur and of course a carp. Both restaurants have perfect staff and the food will be a symphony for your taste buds.

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  • Bath
  • Caffé
  • Dog
  • Luxury bed
  • Parking
  • Restaurant
  • Wifi
Display all equipment

Where will you sleep

During the Schwarzenberg leadership, in the Valy street, the carriages awaited fisherman Šusta so he could go check the ponds full of carp. In this city center street are located apartments Šupina, Láska, Víra, Naděje and Svět. Apartments Svět and Víra have their own kitchen.

What else you should know

Breakfast in restaurant Šupina included in price.

All apartments have an outside grill.

Wi-Fi everywhere.

Bike and ski storage.

Pets allowed upon arrangement.

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