We are a group of enthusiasts who know that what we are looking for is often right under our noses

On our journeys, we have discovered dozens of magical places from romantic and cozy wooden cottages, mills and farm houses to exceptional apartments and hotels. We already know that we do not have to travel the world for a great holiday and that we have many beautiful places right under our nose.

We drove through Czech Republic, Moravia and Silesia

And have mapped for you our favorite amazing places, places with quality services, beautiful surroundings, tradition, style, great design and excellent food. Most of these places were built by their proud owners, who put their whole hearts into their work. And we know that such enthusiasm shows greatly in the quality of the accommodation.

You will not find here places we would not visit the second time. We have stayed in all the places.

We choose accommodations that have not been stuck in the last century, places where gastronomy, level of services and design correspond to what most of us call the "western standard." We want to show that the "Czech standard" has long not been irritated staff, grey curtains, yesterday's bread for breakfast and mouldy bathroom curtains.

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